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Quantifying Performance

C2-g has expertise in quantifying human performance across several operational settings to improve decision-making. Contact us if you would like us to predict outcomes in your operational environment.

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Computational Gaming

Computational games are designed to quantify player performance. They are useful for producing data to train causal (e.g., Bayesian) models that can be used to predict real-world performance.

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Multifidelity Simulation

Multifidelity simulation allows models trained using low-fidelity data to predict real-world performance. It also allows accurate models to be produced inexpensively and enables system risk to be evaluated at the concept stage.

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Risk Estimation

When new technologies are proposed, it is often unclear how changes to the system will impact safety relative to the current level. C2-g has experience quantitatively estimating risk associated with human-technology interactions to assure that only concepts that are safe and effective are developed.

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Decision Support

Biases in human decision-making touch almost every aspect of our life. Consider that although humans are known to be irrational, the decisions we make still impact most key sectors. C2-g seeks to improve human decision-making by designing decision support systems that are safe, adaptive and actionable.

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BrainCallus Gaming Project

The BrainCallus Gaming Project is a volunteer-based effort seeking to improve psychiatric decision-making by leveraging a combination of mobile gaming, machine learning and computational cognitive science. Contact our team to explore how you may be able to help contribute to this project.

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Our work often makes it to the media, so keep-up on our current projects by checking back on this site for updates.


At C2-g, we strive to publish our findings to share with the community. Please check arXiv for preprints and technical reports.

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Founder Biography

Erik J Schlicht, PhD, is the founder of the Computational Cognition Group, LLC. He conducted research at Harvard University, MIT, Caltech and the University of Minnesota; his research has also been covered by several media outlets.

Visit his professional web page for further information about his research experience and a sample of his publications.